Commercial and industrial properties have a great deal of traffic through them over time, and usually acquire a great deal of wear and tear. This wear and tear requires regular cleaning, and sometimes scheduled maintenance is required. This can be held especially true if you have concrete commercial flooring.  Keeping your flooring up to date not only looks great, but also has many other practical applications to your commercial property. In this post, we discuss how to update and maintain concrete flooring, and the benefits that come with each step.

Why should I keep my commercial flooring up-to-date?

Keeping your commercial flooring up to date is essential to running a smooth operation. There are several major reasons you should continue to maintain your commercial/industrial flooring. Here are the top reasons, and how they can affect you:

  • Your floor is an asset. As with any other asset to your business, your floor must be maintained to sustain its value. The less time you spend maintaining your floor, the more it will cost to repair in the long run. 

  • Your floor represents your brand image. A well maintained place of business is very representative of how you manage that business. When potential customers, suppliers, or other associates see a place of business that is not well kept, it is a reflection of how you operate. Visitors might even assume you might not be able to afford adequate property maintenance, which can seriously affect your potential partnerships.

  • Maintaining your floor is good for your health. Maintaining your floor can protect your well being based on many different factors. First and foremost, a floor that has not been properly maintained poses a risk to your employees, and is a common culprit for occupational injuries. Employees tripping on uneven flooring, and vehicles slipping from corroding flooring are extremely common. Floors that have not been maintained also pose a risk to your internal well-being. Bacteria settles on the floor, leaving you exposed to various germs that are out there. Dust that settles as a result of old flooring can be potentially hazardous, and toxic to breathe in.

What can I do to update my concrete commercial flooring?


  • Polish your concrete flooring. Polished concrete floors not only look great, but they can be suited to the specific needs of your flooring. The final product results in a smooth surface that vehicles can easily operate on. Polished floors are also ground and sealed to protect from weather, as well as bacteria that may find its way through an unfinished floor. Additionally, because of the reflectiveness of polishes concrete floors, the need for overhead lighting is negated. This saves you money on additional equipment, as well as your electric bill.

  • Resurface your floors with epoxy or urethane. Resurfacing your floors with epoxy or urethane can provide a sealed, smooth surface. Epoxy and urethane coatings help your floors deal with the wear and tear of every day work, and protect them from cracking in bad weather conditions. Dirt and other foreign chemicals cannot penetrate these coatings, so the floors are incredibly easy to maintain.

  • Dustproof and seal your floors. The term “dustproofing” refers to the dust that comes from old, crumbling concrete flooring. This dust can be hazardous, and can also do significant damage to the tires of your vehicles. When you dust proof a concrete floor, the old layer on top is grinded down, revealing the intact concrete surface below. Once the remains are cleared away, a self-priming sealer is added to top layer to seal the floor, preventing the crumbling from happening again.

Choosing a commercial flooring company

You’ve decided your commercial flooring needs some work, and it is time to update. Where do you look to find the right person? What should you look for? Choosing a random flooring company is a roll of the dice, and could cost you time and money. Here is what you should do to choose the right commercial flooring company


  • Find a company that has been in operation for decades. A company that has operated for over 20+ years did not stay in the industry for that long by providing bad services. Companies that have operated for decades are obviously doing something right, and are usually a trusted source for their professional services.

  • Find a company that has worked with well-known brands. If the commercial flooring company you are considering has worked with well-known brands, chances are, the well-known brand has already done your research for you. Large, corporate entities are selective of who they do business with, and demand top-notch services.

  • Look for references. A company that does exceptional work should have no shortage of people willing to express their satisfaction with the company you are considering. Read reviews, testimonials, and other reference materials to determine if the commercial flooring company you are considering is the right fit for your needs.