When Is the Best Time to Paint Indoors and Outside? A Commercial Guide

Paint is one of the most crucial parts of your commercial space. Not only does a fresh coat of paint make your property shine and draw in customers, but it’s also an important part of protecting your property and wear and tear, which reduces maintenance costs and keeps the value of your most important asset. …

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Industrial Sandblasting and Painting: What Is It and Why It’s Necessary

Industrial properties may look a bit more rugged at first glance, but they need all the attention and care you might give to any other type of property. In fact, since there are often heavy metals and chemicals present at industrial sites, they often need more care.  Two things industrial properties need are sandblasting and…

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Interior Commercial Painting: Everything You Need to Know

When most people think of commercial painting, the first thing they think of is painting the outside of commercial buildings such as storefronts and warehouses.. But interior commercial painting is just as important, and costs for these jobs can vary as compared to their exterior counterparts.  If you’re thinking about redoing the interior paint on…

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How Often Should I Resurface My Industrial Facility?

Industrial complex

If you own and operate an industrial facility, one of your largest assets that requires regular maintenance will be your facility floors. Quality facility flooring is necessary for many reasons, and regular maintenance ensures your operations run smoothly, and your employees are safe. However, the question “How often should I resurface my facility floors?” will…

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The Hidden Costs of Neglecting Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance

If you’re a facility/property owner, you may be surprised to hear of the massive toll that an unkempt facility may impose on the overall long term cost-benefit value to property owners. In the short term, it may seem attractive for owners to skimp on various aspects of maintenance to their respective facilities in order to…

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