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80,000 sq-ft Ceiling Deck Painting Newburyport

Companies approach us all the time to see how we can help them transform their building for both their employees and investors. Large Commercial spaces start to show signs of being outdated much the same as houses do. It is important to keep your facility up to date and make it somewhere that owners and…

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Choosing the Right Commercial Flooring for Your Space

Whether you are in the middle of a remodel, moving into a new space or simply weighing your options, choosing a commercial flooring style is one of the most important elements of your transition. Here, we’ll discuss what to consider before making your choice as well as the pros and cons of each choice. Before…

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2,800sq ft – Polished Concrete with Dye- Holliston, Ma

Rodenhiser Plumbing and Heating wanted to update their new office and warehouse spaces that they were moving in to. The owner wanted us to help them transform their old and previously coated concrete slab into a nice cost effective finished floor. The owner wanted something that he could have down throughout the hallways of his…

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Grind and Seal – The Affordable Alternative to Polishing

Grind and Seal is the industry term for concrete which has a clear coating system installed on your concrete floor. In many cases, people think they are getting a polished concrete floor, however, there are significant differences between a coating system and true polished concrete. There is a difference… Grind and polish is more expensive. The…

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