8 Key Warehouse Line Painting Considerations

warehouse lines

Warehouse line painting is not just a visual enhancement, it’s a crucial element for maintaining a safe and efficient workplace. These lines, when properly marked, can control traffic flow, prevent accidents, identify hazardous areas, and promote smoother operations, all of which are key to a productive and secure warehouse environment.  This helps protect employees and…

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8 Considerations for Food and Beverage Facility Painting

beverage facility

The benefits of painting a food and beverage facility go beyond aesthetics, although that’s also a key perk. In addition to enhancing brand image, properly painting these facilities protects surfaces, promotes hygiene, and manages safety issues.  In the sections below, we’ll run through those topics and eight key considerations for food and beverage facility painting.  …

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5 Reasons Why Grain Silo Painting Is Essential

up close cement grain silo

Curious about the benefits of hiring a grain silo painting contractor? In this quick post, we’ll cover why it’s an excellent idea to entrust this task to the experts at McLean Company. After all, painting your grain silo(s) preserves their structural integrity, and as a plus, it also boosts the aesthetic appeal. Dive in and…

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4 Retail Painting Tips to Attract More Customers

painted retail store

Retail Painting Tips to Attract More Customers Your retail store could be your entire livelihood, and if you’re not attracting as many clients as you wish to, that could be a problem our professionals at McLean Company can fix. But before we discuss how our team can help you, let’s explain why proper retail painting…

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Industrial Equipment Painting to Protect Machinery

Industrial equipment painting is more than just a maintenance task, it’s a crucial investment in the longevity of your heavy machinery. Specialized coatings provide a robust shield against corrosion, wear, and the harsh realities of industrial environments, enhancing both performance and durability. Beyond mere looks, these protective layers also contribute to a safer and more…

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