Commercial Flooring & Painting in Chelsea, MA

Commercial property is one of the most significant investments you should properly maintain and take care of. How it looks on the inside will make your employees and customers comfortable. However, we also understand how challenging this can be since it can sometimes hinder your operations. But don't worry, since McLean Company is here to help!


McLean Company is an experienced commercial flooring and painting contractor in the Chelsea, MA, area. We have been in the industry for many years and have the capabilities and what it takes to serve you. In addition, we provide a variety of flooring and painting you can trust.


So no matter what the job is, whether small or large, don't hesitate to leave it to us. Our different commercial flooring and painting solutions are highly-rated, and we provide our customers with various options according to their needs and budget. Get in touch with us today to get a free estimate!

Commercial Flooring Services in Chelsea, MA

Do you want to see your floors shine? Are you trying to bring it back to life after all the beating it has gone through all these years? If so, choose from the available practical flooring solutions while ensuring they are long-lasting!


Coating Removal & Surface Prep

Before any large flooring solutions, most of our customers will require coating removal and surface preparation. Many floor coating applications fail due to failures in preparation, and we're here to remedy that. Before coating, sealing, polishing, and other flooring solutions, preparing your floors for an incredible result is best.

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Commercial floor coatings

We mainly use urethane and epoxy floor coatings for our customer's commercial properties. These two materials are known for being durable, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, and stable. Paired with excellent preparation, your floors will surely last a long time.

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Floor Polishing

Most floors will wear and tear, especially if it has yet to experience maintenance. So to bring it back to life, it's best to polish it. Fortunately, our floor polishing services are affordable and affordable and ideal for concrete floors! And with a combination of grinding, sealing, filling, and polishing techniques, your floors will look brand new in no time.


Floor Sealing & Dust Proofing

If you have a budget and want to achieve gorgeous floors without stopping your operations, then we have the perfect solution. Dust proofing and concrete floor sealing prevent health issues caused by inhalation of dust or contaminating products. They're moisture resistant, fast and efficient, and economical too!

Chelsea, MA, Commercial Painting Services

Every commercial building will need exterior and interior paintings, especially after exposure to different elements. You want it to look different from an old building, which is what our commercial painting solutions are for!


Industrial Painting

Industrial painting is necessary for corrosion control to ensure that your facility looks nice while improving lighting and making it aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, we know to provide everything you need for an upgrade, such as chemical or water resistance or to prevent rust from forming on your equipment.


Masonry Waterproofing

Masonry refers to building conventional materials like brick, stucco, natural stone, or concrete blocks. Some may need help to paint over these surfaces while ensuring their waterproof capabilities. However, our coatings and sealers are some of the best with the guidance of our expert contractors!

Choose McLean Company to Handle Your Flooring & Painting Solutions

We know that your commercial or industrial properties are your bread and butter, and they must look and feel pleasant for your employees and customers. So giving it a makeover will make it look like a new structure no matter where in Chelsea, MA, you are!

Here at McLean Company, you can find different floor and painting services that our contractors are experts in. So if you have any concerns or questions, don't hesitate to contact us today so that we can get that project started!

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