Rodenhiser Plumbing and Heating wanted to update their new office and warehouse spaces that they were moving in to. The owner wanted us to help them transform their old and previously coated concrete slab into a nice cost effective finished floor. The owner wanted something that he could have down throughout the hallways of his building that would be both easy to clean and aesthetically beautiful.

Rodenhiser chose to do a commercial finish concrete polished floor with a two-tone concrete dye. When we dye a floor our goal is for a consistent color that penetrates the surface layer deeply, and is reactive with concrete, forming a bond that locks color into the slab, minimizing color migration or diffusion. The dye does not just go surface deep but actually penetrates deep into the slab to prevent fading or wear.

Concrete Polishing was an optimal floor choice because they eliminate
the need for applied floor coverings. Exposed concrete floors are very durable, eliminating the need for periodic replacement of applied floor coverings. Along with easy, low-impact maintenance requirements (dry mop, wash with water
or mild cleanser) and elimination of waxing and stripping chemicals, exposed concrete has low life-cycle impacts on the environment.

“The team of professionals from McLean were incredible. They came to our project and provided a professional estimate and suggested alternative ways to make the task of polishing our concrete floors go quicker, which was very helpful. When they arrived to begin the project, their Foreman and workers were always clean, on time and professional. They accommodate our schedule and finished on time. The end result is a beautifully polished and dyed (with two colors) floor that is durable and easy to maintain.
I would highly recommend McLean and there team of professionals to anyone. Thank you for a jobexceptionally well done!” – Andy Rodenhiser

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