The Benefits of Sealing Your Concrete Floor

Concrete floors are known for their strength and durability, but they are not invincible. Over time, they can be susceptible to damage from moisture, temperature changes, and other environmental factors. Sealing a concrete floor can protect it from these factors and offer a range of benefits.

We’ll explore four key benefits of sealing your concrete floor, from increased moisture resistance to improved longevity, and learn about how our expert team at McLean Company can help you protect your concrete floor.


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4 Benefits of Sealing Your Concrete Floors

While concrete might seem invincible, it also needs protection against the elements. Sealing a concrete floor offers an array of benefits, from improved moisture resistance to superior longevity.

Moisture Resistance

Surprisingly enough, water can seriously damage concrete over time. Concrete is a porous material, so water can seep into the tiny cracks and crevices, working its way into areas where it can cause damage.

Water seepage into the concrete can create the perfect place for mold or moss to grow, which can seriously weaken the concrete. Sealing the concrete gives it a layer of protection against water damage and the moss or mold growth that often accompanies it.

Fading Resistance

A beautiful, freshly poured concrete floor can perfectly accentuate your home or business, serving as the perfect foundation to raise a family or grow your business. However, it can become unsightly when it fades, detracting from its overall appeal.

By sealing the concrete, you can preserve the crisp, clean look of the concrete. This protection is particularly ideal for stamped or exposed aggregate concrete.

Crack Prevention

The ebbs and flows of outdoor temperatures can wreak havoc on outdoor concrete driveways and floors in unheated shops. The chilly temperature and ice, expanded from its previous liquid form, can cause unsightly cracks and imperfections in your concrete slab.

By sealing your concrete floor, you can give it an extra layer of much-needed protection against the temperamental effects of nature.


Concrete, when poured properly, is undoubtedly durable. Unsealed concrete can last several decades without extra protection. However, with a bit of extra TLC, it can last even longer! A sealed concrete floor or driveway can last over 30 years.

Considering the cost of replacing a cracked, worn-out concrete floor and simply sealing it while it’s still in great shape, sealing is an excellent, cost-effective option. After all, replacing an old concrete floor usually costs thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands, while routine sealing is a mere fraction of that!


Protect Your Concrete Floors With McLean Company

Sealing your concrete floor is an excellent investment for any property owner. By providing a layer of protection against moisture, fading, cracks, and other environmental factors, you can ensure that your concrete floor lasts longer and looks better.

Our team of experts at McLean Company can help you protect your concrete floor with our high-quality sealing solutions. Call us at (978) 774-4430 or complete our online contact form to start with a free quote or learn more about how our concrete floor sealing services can help you!