Your Guide to Commercial Flooring Installation: Costs and Process

Keeping up with the maintenance on your commercial property is not only a way to protect your investment, it also makes smart business sense. If you have customers coming into your store, then you want to make a good first impression.  A big part of this is having the right commercial flooring. Matching your flooring…

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How to Choose the Right Retail Flooring

retail flooring | McLean Company

Opening a new retail store is an adventure, from designing your space to helping customers find what they need. One overlooked design element is the floor, which is going to do more work over time than any employee ever could! We’ll tell you how to choose the right retail flooring to stand the test of…

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Ace Hardware Middleton Polished Concrete

Rocky’s Ace Hardware in Middleton MA wanted a floor that is easy to maintain, resistant to wear and spills, slip resistant and had a minimal lifetime cost. Our solution was to give them our Commercial Finish Polished Concrete Floor.   Our Commercial Polish is a medium-gloss finish with semi-exposed aggregate. It is an indoor application for retail areas,…

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