There is no secret that your industrial assets are crucial to the function of your business, so taking the time to protect them should be one of your biggest priorities. One of the most prominent risks to most industrial assets is the risk of corrosion and weathering, but there are significant steps you can take to reduce this risk. 

The steps you take to protect your assets will depend on the type of assets, and the specific needs of your business. In this post, we discuss what assets are at risk of erosion and weathering, and the services that can protect those assets. 

What assets are at risk of corrosion? 

Corrosion refers to the deterioration of different materials. While usually referring to metals, corrosion can occur with almost any type of surface. A number of assets are at risk of corrosion due to many different factors, like weathering and frequency of use. 

Most industrial assets are large pieces of equipment that are essential to the operation of the business, and extremely expensive to replace. The type of coating and painting that will be applied to the asset will be dependent on the asset, and what how much weathering/corrosion the asset is likely to be exposed to. Common assets that require special protection from corrosion include: 


  • Manufacturing floors
  • Docks
  • Pumps
  • Structural steel
  • Storage tanks


What can I do to prevent weathering and corrosion? 

Weathering and corrosion can destroy your equipment quicker than your average, everyday use. There are many different applications you can use to protect this equipment, and utilizing these methods can increase the life of your assets by decades. The most common services McLean Company provides to protect against weathering and corrosion are: 

  • Concrete and masonry waterproofing: Concrete and masonry waterproofing can significantly improve the water resistance of your assets that are made up of brick or concrete. This not only helps with water resistance, but can also be a step towards energy efficiency. 
  • Structural steel painting- Structural steel painting can help reduce the chances of weathering and corrosion with the use of corrosion resistant paints. Corrosion to structural steel is a huge risk to all employees, and can hinder your business operations if your asset becomes too corrodes. 
  • Corrosion resistant painting- There are many different options for corrosion resistant paints, and the type of paint used will usually be determined by the type of surface it will be applied to, and the outside factors the asset will be exposed to. Corrosion resistant painting can be applied to almost any surface, and can increase the longevity of your assets for many years. 
  • Waterproof metal coating- Coating your metal assets in a waterproof solution provides a barrier to the elements, and helps resist against corrosion. This can be especially beneficial if your metal assets are outside and exposed to the elements. There are many different options for waterproof metal coatings, so choosing the coating that is specific to your assets will help determine the effectiveness of the coating. 


Choosing an industrial painter

We believe choosing your industrial painting contractor is no small decision. Protecting your industrial assets is one of your biggest priorities as a business owner, and deciding who you trust with the business can make a huge difference. 

Industrial painters should have a proven track record of success, and be able to show you previous work and proof of customers they have left satisfied. When you decide to choose an industrial painter, choose a contractor that knows the specific needs for each of your assets, and the options you have for each specific need.