Interior Paint Ideas for Your Reception Area

Your business is moving into a new space, or maybe you’re just revamping the current one. Probably one of the most exciting parts of designing a commercial space is decorating it. The first step is choosing paint colors. Humans respond to color shades in specific ways, so you need to know how you want visitors to feel in your office—happy, energized, calm and everything in between. Start from the front of the house and work your way back. Explore our tried-and-true themes and interior paint ideas for your reception area.

Keep it Neutral

Interior Paint Ideas | McLean CompanyWhen it comes time to select interior paint for your reception area, maybe you’d prefer to keep it simple, and that’s OK. In this case, stick to a neutral color selection, which works for virtually any type of business. These are your white, gray, ivory and beige tones, and they might sound less than spectacular, but each one is extremely versatile. 

A welcoming reception area doesn’t have to get its flair from the paint on the wall, but rather from elements that complement it. Muted wall colors provide the flexibility to add personalized touches in different ways, such as through colorful furniture or geometric artwork. You can also use the neutral palette to draw contrast from dark-colored flooring. 

Create a Relaxing Oasis

Professional offices and education facilities and inherently stressful places. Patients wait to be called in for appointments, candidates anxiously await interviews and families discuss financial aid options. In places like these, relaxation is essential, and it starts with the reception space. 

To make visitors feel at ease, sometimes the right colors do the trick. Consider integrating shades of green, gray or blue into the paint scheme of your reception area to foster tranquility. Blues are ideal in medical offices to convey serenity, while grays and greens could be ideal in a law office because they provide a sense of security.

Accent with Bright Colors

Even if the paint theme of your reception area is largely simple, the whole space doesn’t need to follow suit. Why not add a pop of color on just one wall in your lobby? Visitors will naturally gravitate in that direction.

Think about the front desk. Feature walls break away from the monotony of the rest of the room, and there’s no better place than behind the reception desk. Make it a space that’s instantly recognizable by using a bright color like yellow, or one that falls in line with your brand.

Trust McLean’s Interior Paint Ideas for Your Reception Area

What’s the best look and feel for your business? Flexible neutrals allow you to do anything with accessories and decor, but cool tones make visitors feel welcome. Find the right balance and make the space your own. Contact McLean to discuss interior commercial painting solutions for your office, education space or medical facility to experience the best.