Everything You Need to Know About Warehouse Painting

A warehouse is more than just a storage facility. In fact, in many cases, it’s the lifeblood of a business. It’s where inventory is stored and where orders get fulfilled. Delays or other issues in the warehouse can have a ripple effect on the rest of the business. 

One of the most important aspects of warehouse maintenance is warehouse painting. Keeping your paint up-to-date can have a powerful impact on your overall business. 

The trained industrial painters working at McLean company have the skills and expertise needed to handle your warehouse painting job in a professional way, keeping your business fully functional throughout the entire job.

If you’re thinking about painting your warehouse, here’s everything you need to know:

Why Paint Your Warehouse?

Those who are already considering painting their warehouse likely have a pretty good answer to this question, but in case you need a little more convincing, here are some the biggest reasons why you should paint your warehouse:

Reduce Maintenance

Paint is about more than just pretty colors. It’s a valuable coating of protection against all sorts of wears and tears. Good, fresh paint can help prevent the buildup of mold and mildew, and it can also fight against corrosion. 

Since the condition of your warehouse often determines the conditions of the things stored inside it, it’s essential you have a quality coat of paint inside. Otherwise, you’re just going to be creating more maintenance problems for yourself down the road, which cost you both time and money.

Boost Employee Morale

Although there are a lot of other things that go into employee morale (such as paying a fair wage and providing quality working conditions), paint is a small thing you can do that can often have a more significant impact than you think. 

For example, if your employees walk into a warehouse that has drab colored walls, chipped paint, and mildew growing, they’re not likely to get too excited about their jobs. 

However, if they walk in and are greeted by bright, clean walls, this is bound to give them a little boost and will make the work environment that much more pleasant.

Manage Customer First Impressions

Depending on the nature of your business, you may welcome customers to your warehouse for product demos or to show them the nuts and bolts of your operation. 

When you do, it’s important you make a good first impression. If they see chipped paint, mold, rust, or just old, dirty paint, they might not make a comment but this will certainly impact their perceptions of you. Keeping up with your paint job is a key way to make sure these first impressions lead to business deals down the road.

Put Safety First

Warehouse safety is always a top priority. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it’s also often the law. A good paint job not only makes your warehouse safer by making it cleaner and reducing potential toxins, it can also be used to mark pathways, highlight areas where people shouldn’t go, and remind workers of potential safety hazards. 

When planning your warehouse painting, work with a professional to figure out the best way to paint so that you can maximize the safety of your workplace.

Keep Up with Code Requirements

All warehouses must meet certain building codes. But some industries face tougher regulations. For example, if your warehouse stores food items, you must make sure your facility is perfectly clean and updated. 

A health inspector may come to your property, and if they find chipped paint or rust, you could face serious fines or even be forced to shut down properly. Avoid this completely by staying on top of your warehouse painting. 

The Process for Painting Your Warehouse

Once you make the decision to paint your warehouse, this is the process you will go through to get the job done: 

Determine Your Needs

The first thing that you need to do is figure out what type of paint job you want. In addition to painting your warehouse, you may also want to consider resealing your floor, digging up and replacing calking, improving your roofing, and updating your waterproof membranes. 

Based on what your warehouse needs, this will determine the materials needed for the job as well as establish the scope of the project. 

Set Up a Schedule

Once you’ve figured out what needs to be done to get your warehouse in tip-top condition, the next step is to set up a schedule so that the job won’t interfere with your warehouse operations. We understand that time is money, so we will coordinate the entire project to make sure you can remain fully operational throughout the duration of the job.

Coatings and Finishes

Another thing you will want to consider when painting your warehouse is if you want to add any special coatings or finishes to your surfaces. This could range from painting arrows on the ground to mark pathways, using industrial maintenance paint, applying special anti-corrosive or anti-flammable epoxies to your surfaces to keep them protected. Work with your industrial painting specialist to figure out what your warehouse needs. 

Prepare to Paint Your Warehouse

Painting your warehouse is a great way to reduce maintenance costs, improve the look of your facility, and protect your commercial property. When you’re ready for a fresh paint job on your warehouse, get in touch with us at McLean Company. Our industrial painting and flooring experts are standing by ready to assist you and get the job done.