What is 100% Solids Epoxy?

When an epoxy coating is applied, two thickness measurements are taken. One is a wet film thickness (WFT) and the other is a dry film thickness (DFT). The epoxy is measured once before it has dried, and once again after.

The percent solid refers to the percentage of epoxy thickness that remains after the epoxy has finished curing or the difference between the WFT and DFT. Usually, a percentage of the solid is lost and thickness is reduced during the drying process. To compensate, more coats are added until the desired thickness is achieved. For example, a 50% solid would require two coats at 20 mils of thickness to achieve a DFT of 20 mils, whereas a 100% solids epoxy would only require a single coat.

It is important to know the difference between the percent solids epoxy that is going to be used on your project. At McLean Company, we want to educate our customers on the right application for their project as well as the cost difference between % solids.

What are VOC’s?

100% solids epoxy contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Loss of thickness between WFT and DFT in lower solid coatings is due to the evaporation of solvents into the atmosphere as the coatings cure. These evaporating solvents (VOCs) can create dangerous environments in confined spaces and health hazards for workers. A lack of VOCs is often what makes 100% solids ideal for most Commercial and Industrial installations were workers safety is a concern.

McLean Company puts safety first, using only Zero VOC and Low VOC products we can ensure that both our crew and customers are safe as well as informed. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are also provided on all McLean Company job sites.

None of this Matters if you don’t have good _____?

As always, even with the best coatings products on the market, poor surface PREPARATION will ruin a job just as quickly as 100% solids epoxies dry. Skimping on surface preparation will shorten the life of your coatings system, guaranteed. It is important to carefully follow the manufacturer’s requirements for concrete prep, whether that be shot blasting, diamond grinding or scarifying the floor.

Mclean Flooring takes pride in its floor preparation, that is why we warranty the floors that we put down. Our professionally trained crew use only the best products and most advanced equipment. The result we hope to achieve is to exceed the expectations of our customers and build lasting relationships.


A 100% solid epoxy or urethane may be the best option for your project. It depends on a number of factors. Before you choose, get in touch with Mclean Company to discuss your project. We’ll talk you through the entire process, from product selection and surface preparation to application and budget recommendations.