Your facility has just laid a new concrete floor and is eager to begin or resume operations. Now it’s time to set everything else up, right? Not so fast. Consider protecting your investment with concrete floor sealant before moving ahead. Here are a few reasons why your commercial flooring needs concrete sealing.

1. Enhance Flooring Appearance

Concrete flooring provides a safe and hard surface to walk on, but its flat gray hue isn’t always the most beautiful to behold. Sealing your commercial flooring fixes that. 

By applying a sealant, you add luster to the surface, making it shine and bringing out the boldness in its natural color. What’s more is that the sheen created by the sealant results in increased light reflectivity, brightening up your space, which actually reduces the need for overhead lights. Now, that’s a utility bill saver!

2. Protect the Surface and Increase Longevity

An unsealed concrete floor is defenseless against surface damage. Restaurant kitchens, for instance, face food spills and pans dropping every day, a recipe for disaster. 

By sealing the concrete floor, you’re protecting it against surface damage like stains, scratches, cracks and more. One tried-and-true strategy? Apply a polyurethane or epoxy sealant, which not only prevents wear in high-traffic areas, but it lasts several years before it needs a fresh coat.

3. Prevent Mold from Growing

Concrete is porous, with countless tiny pockets throughout. Because of this, it absorbs moisture easily. In environments like warehouse floors, where team members are constantly on the move—indoors and out—and different materials are handled, the flooring could easily become compromised. 

Mold grows easily, with the help of a little moisture. As moisture (water, oil, etc.) seeps into concrete, mold can begin to grow, causing an unsightly green or even black appearance and eventual health risks when it’s inhaled. Sealants prevent this, wicking away moisture instead of absorbing it. 

4. Simplify Maintenance

Few people actually like to clean, and it’s even less enjoyable when the surface that needs TLC is uncooperative. That’s definitely the case with unsealed concrete. 

Concrete is notoriously hard to clean because sweeping with a broom just kicks up dust (which is also dangerous to inhale, especially if you have allergies!). By using a sealant, you can easily sweep a shop floor, mop up spills or even vacuum the area, making it cleaner, more hygienic and inviting. Make life easier on team members and maintenance folks by using a floor sealant.

Trust McLean Company for Commercial Concrete Sealing

You want to have smooth and safe daily operations at your facility, and we understand. The experts at McLean Company will apply concrete sealants that are environmentally and physically safe for everyone at your location. We also know how essential it is to keep working uninterrupted. That’s why we’re available to apply sealant during off hours, to work around your schedule and minimize operational downtime. Get in touch today to discuss the solutions that are best for you.