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As a commercial property owner, you’re well aware of the maintenance that protecting your building requires. Two important layers of defense are your floor coverings and paint. By protecting these surfaces, you’re increasing the longevity of your property for years to come. 


McLean Company has been providing the most reliable industrial painting and flooring services for over 40 years. Our commercial customers have been praising our work for years. We have developed the skills and experience that allows us to deliver the highest quality service in Lynn, MA.


Whether you need internal or external painting, weatherproofing, or commercial flooring solutions, McLean is the contractor for the job. Our services provide protection from harsh environments and mother nature alike. 

If you’re in the Lynn area and your building needs any of our commercial services, contact us today for a free estimate on your project.

Commercial Flooring Services

Your floor might need anything from refinishing to coat removal and surface prep. Regardless of your needs, our services aim to provide durability, practicality, and attractiveness everytime. Take a closer look at our flooring solutions.


Commercial Floor Coatings

Our concrete floor coatings use the best epoxy and urethane materials that are extremely durable, easy to maintain, and look great. Floor coatings meet the demanding requirements of industrial settings, making them perfect for any facility like manufacturing, warehouses, chemical and more.

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Floor Polishing

Concrete floors are the most common in commercial settings. Polishing concrete floors is a fantastic way to restore an aging floor. If your floors are worn out or need some love, our polishing techniques will bring them back to life. Our process involves grinding, sealing, and finishing the surface to bolster its strength and bring back its beautiful look with a variety of polishes.

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Concrete Sealing

Looking for an affordable option to revive your industrial floor? Concrete sealing is an excellent solution that is quick and dustproof, making your surface easy to clean and maintain. Sealing offers a fast turnaround that delivers affordability and safety.


Coating Removal and Surface Prep

The vast majority of concrete coating issues come from poor initial surface prep. Odds are that the contractor that installed the first floor did not take the proper steps to ensure a long lasting job. If your floor needs a full restoration, give us a call. We’ll come inspect your surface, remove the top coating and do a full surface prep to ensure longevity in your new floor. 

Commercial Painting Services

Before we did any flooring, McLean first worked on commercial painting for property owners. With our first project in 1979 and every job since, we’ve been dedicated to providing our customers with top of the line painting services. No matter what you need, our company has seen it, and has you covered. Take a look at our commercial options below.


Interior and Exterior Painting

Whether it’s an exterior paint job or a full interior coating, we can handle any type of job for all types of industrial settings. We can help with an aesthetic upgrade, protective coatings from corrosion and rust, and protection from water and harsh chemicals. We’re equipped for any industrial paint job you require.


Masonry & Waterproofing

If your facility is made of stone, brick, or concrete, you’ll need help with waterproofing at some point. Masonry wears quicker than other materials so make sure to take advantage of waterproof coatings and sealants to extend the life of your building. These options are affordable for concrete, stone, stucco, and brick properties.

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