Best Office Paint Colors for Productivity and Morale

white painted office space with desk


If you are looking to spruce up your office environment, you might want to change the colors in the building. When you hire a professional team to repaint the office, you are not only adding some beautiful and new colors, but you can influence the productivity of your workers.


How To Choose the Best Office Paint Colors

In 2012, a study found that white gives off a “clinic appearance.” In turn, people do not feel comfortable working in those spaces. When it comes time to paint your office space, you want to choose the right colors for the job. You might think that bright and bold colors give more energy to a space, but in some cases, they can drain your workers. 

By choosing your colors carefully, you can make a productive work environment. 

Colors can energize a space, or they can make you feel tired. When you use new colors in your office building, you can boost the productivity and morale of the people in that space. With that in mind, here are some of the best office color ideas to give a productivity boost in your working spaces. 


The color white is commonly used in many office environments. While it is a favorite color of many business owners, this color can promote laziness and boredom. However, you can still use a version of white in your office. An off-white shade provides a clean look, and it gives a soft glow to any space. If you are looking for a few ideas, think about pairing up off-white with other bolder colors.


Blue is another favorite color of office spaces. This color can promote a feeling of relaxation. If the color is too dark, it can take away some of the room’s airiness. You might want to choose a light shade to provide more openness for your space. A blue office is known to promote communication, trust, and efficiency. For those businesses that need mental concentration, you might want to stick with a blue shade. 


Yellow is an excellent color. It can invoke your workers’ confidence, optimism, creativity, and friendliness. You can add some yellow on your walls to promote positivity in the workplace. In those bigger rooms, yellow can be a little overwhelming. Those softer shades of yellow can be an ideal choice for larger areas. 


Many people want to shy away from red on an office wall. You will typically see this shade in restaurants and retail stores. Emotions like hunger and passion can be evoked when this color is on the wall. If you want to represent excitement, strength, and courage in your work environment, it might be time to add red to the wall. However, you don’t want to go too crazy with this color. It would be best to use this color on an accent wall, or you could overstimulate your employees. 


Brown is a very overlooked color. This shade is great for raising productivity. When you mix it with other earth tones, it can create a natural environment in your office. Make sure to add additional colors like beige and tan for a warmer space. Brown is an excellent color, especially if you want to present a professional image to your visitors and clients. 


If red and yellow are too bold for you, you can always tone down the room with a coat of orange. This color can provide a little comfort in your office by combining the best effects of both red (strength) and yellow (excitement). Orange is best used as an accent color for those casual office spaces. 


For a classic color, you cannot go wrong with gray. When people want a sophisticated, modern, and sleek look for their spaces, they choose gray. Too much gray in the office colors can make a room feel depressed. You can boost the atmosphere by complimenting the gray with bolder accent colors. 


Green is a great color that is easy on your eyes, and that is helpful for those who work long hours in the office. Green can provide a sense of harmony and restoration. When you need to balance out a space, make sure to add a little green to your office.  

The Bottom Line

Before you hire a commercial painting contractor for your office, you need to choose the perfect color for the job. Some colors can boost productivity, while others can make you feel drained. You might want to try a mixture of energizing and calming colors for your office to see what works for your company. In some cases, you want to go easy on those bold colors, like red and yellow. You could balance them out with blues and grays on an accent wall. The choice is yours!