The Best Industrial Painting Ideas for Your Facility

If you want your commercial facility to stand out from the crowd, there are a few ways to achieve that goal. With industrial paint, you can bring life to that drab exterior. A new paint job can make your facility look well-maintained and attract the attention of potential clients. Here are some great painting ideas for your commercial facility. 

Choose an Exceptional Color

Color is a real eye-catcher for new clients and returning customers. When it is time to choose a color for your facility, you need to consider a few things, such as:

  • Type of business
  • Type of paint
  • Community
  • Region 
  • Customer demographic

Type of Business

There are several types of commercial facilities in any given area. A restaurant will have different painting needs than an office building. Before you select a color, you need to find the right palette to complement your business. 

For example, if you have a restaurant in a former industrial spot, think about using bright oranges, reds, and yellow. Contrast those bold colors with some darker paints. 

The color green provides some peace and calm to a stressful environment. You should think about adding these colors for those businesses that have high levels of stress, such as a medical clinic or production plant. 

Blues have replaced browns in terms of popularity, and you can utilize them in any spot where you need a more tranquil environment. Accent colors are essential, but make sure to use pinks, grays, violets, blacks, and white on a limited basis. White is seen as a traditional color, and it provides a great backdrop when paired with reds and pinks. 

Type of Paint

The type of paint that you use is another important factor for your facility. There are plenty of choices in the marketplace. You don’t have to stick to those “standard” choices. You can mix colors to create a custom look. Some paints are also designed for commercial businesses, and they will hold up longer than standard house paint. You don’t have to stick to boring and drab gray, blues, or creams with commercial paint. There is a wide variety of colors, and they are waiting for you to add them to your facility.  A commercial painting contractor can help you find the ideal paint for your facility.


When it is time to choose a color, you want it to grab people’s attention in a good way. Commercial paint can help those industrial facilities blend within the surroundings or make them stand out in the neighborhood. Bright palettes can improve a small building, while commercial colors create a modern exterior for your business. These industrial buildings should be painted in a manner that is professional but complements the environment. 


In different areas of the country, some colors are more acceptable than others. Pastel blues and pinks might look great along the coastal regions, but they will look out of place in those regions that experience harsh winters. Yes, some colors look fabulous in certain areas. You want your business to stand out but not be too radical so that your building becomes an eyesore in the neighborhood. 

Customer Demographic

Some paint colors can repel customers. Those shocking hues might be the right fit for the younger crowd, but if your facility is in an older neighborhood, it can alienate the local clientele. For those apartment buildings, stick to a distinctive color scheme that is not too bold. Murals are a great way to promote your community. However, stay away from a mainly red painting scheme since it can keep away business. 

Now that you know about choosing the right colors for your industrial painting project. Here are a few tips to make your facility shine in the neighborhood. 

Use Color and Texture

Once you have found the right palette for your facility, you can add textural pieces to contrast the smooth painted surfaces. Those smooth panels can draw attention to specific spaces in your building. Plus, with this use of textures, you can make your establishment stand out in the community. 

Add Mixed Materials

You can enhance your commercial painting with some natural stone or architectural panels. With these design components, you can create added depth to the facility. Think about adding paneling on the corners of your building that match your window sizes and contrast your industrial paint. 

Angle Your Design

Some commercial buildings can benefit from blending designs and materials. Wood beams easily blend and stand out against steel girders. With these design features, you can find the perfect paint color that accentuates the shape of the building. Plus, mixing and matching these elements can provide a whole new level of dimension to your facility. 

Think About a Sleeker Design

Commercial and industrial buildings can look cold and inviting. You don’t need to add tons of decorative elements to give your facility a little character. Clean lines make a building look powerful and imposing. However, adding a couple of colors break up those harsh surfaces while still maintaining their sleek appearance. You might want to mix brick, metal, and paint to provide some added dimension to your building. 

Contrast Those Lines

Finally, don’t be afraid to contrast designs. Smooth painted panels can be added to spaces with rough siding for a blend of contemporary and rustic designs. Those contrasting angles, materials, and lines provide some dimension and depth to the exterior of your building while drawing the eye of those passing by your facility. 

When it is time for your next painting project, there are several things to consider with an industrial painting service. First, you want to choose the right colors for your building. Once you have done that, you can add some of these painting tips to make a truly unique building for your business. With that, your facility will stand out while still attracting the right clientele to your commercial space.