Synventive Molding Solutions in Peabody, MA wanted us to completely renovate an old worn down concrete floor for their 28,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Their old floor was not holding up to the constant abuse of heavy traffic and machinery, it was essential for them to have a fully functional flooring solution that would last them for years to come. Before starting the project our team came in for testing the concrete slab, through moisture readings and adhesion test we were able to provide the ideal epoxy floor that we can ensure will stay down. We also were able to give the owners of Synventive a variety of flooring options at different price points.

Our solution was to use a High-Performance Epoxy Coating topped with a Urethane product to improve scratch resistance. The preparation for the floor included both Diamond Grinding with the latest Husquvarna Grinders and Shot Blasting the more stubborn areas to ensure the best bond possible for our coatings. Over a series of weeks, we were able to complete the floor by doing it in smaller sections, we wanted Synventive to be able to maintain operation as usual and still being able to complete the project. One of the main concerns was the curing time for the epoxy, by putting in an accelerator to our Epoxy we were able to put down the floor at night and the employees were able to walk on it the next day. Our Company motto is “On Time, On Budget, Done Right” we are thrilled to say that we were able to achieve all these things much to the satisfaction of Synventive.

“I just want to give my thanks to entire team at Mclean Flooring. This was a major project and required flexibility while machinery and other equipment was moved. The crew was extremely professional and went out of their way to support our aggressive deadline. I highly recommend McLean Flooring and will continue to use them for our future projects.”

 Christopher Phelps – Manufacturing Manager

Synventive Molding Solutions


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