The Facilities Managers at Imperial Distributors wanted us to put in lines throughout their facility in order to create a more functional working environment. Our work with when included 10,000 linear feet of line striping, perimeter wall epoxy (white) and safety (Yellow/Red) coatings around equipment. We were able to do this project with no downtime, working around their busy schedule and sectioning off areas that were not in use to get the project done. The results exceeded their expectations creating a safe, clean and more functional working environment for their daily operations.

Safety Lines for Commercial Facilities

Our customers ask us to apply precise, clean and crisp lines for them in their facilities. This requires experience and the right equipment in order for the results to be satisfactory. Before we apply our line we clean the floor and use diamond grinders to prepare the surface. This allows the epoxy line coating to properly bond to the surface which creates more permanent lines. We then mask off the lines using a special machine that distributes tape evenly and apply our coatings either by hand, brush, or airless sprayer.

How to Keep Lines Looking Great and Last Longer

The appearance and longevity of your lines comes down to general housekeeping practices. Keeping your floors clean from dirt will eliminate the abrasives from wearing away at the surface coating. It is important for employees such as work truck drivers or materials handlers to not drag heavy equipment or pallets over the lines. The epoxy coatings we use have excellent abrasion resistance, however dragging these items across the line will limit the lifespan of the stripes

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