Most building upgrades can be made any time of the year, but some projects have to wait for just the right time. Exterior painting is a biggie, but luckily, you can start your facility’s exterior paint job this summer! Why the wait? Besides the fact that painting outside is less than fun when it’s cold out, summertime provides opportunities and benefits for paint jobs. 

Why is Summertime Exterior Painting Best?

Why not paint in fall or spring? Does summertime painting really exterior paint job| mclean companymake a difference? In a word: yes. Weather plays a major role in paint quality.

Optimal Weather Conditions

Summer months are the best time to tackle commercial exterior paint jobs because the weather cooperates the best. Rain and cold temperatures make it hard for paint to dry, an infrequent problem in the summer. The sweet spot? Warm, 70-degree days. Mild temperatures allow painters to easily apply fresh color to your building, because the paint can dry relatively fast without being impacted by temperature extremes. On the other hand, hot days make the process difficult, because the paint will dry too rapidly and blister. 

*Pro Tip: Humidity matters, too! We paint on days with 50% or less humidity so moisture doesn’t get in the way of an even exterior paint job. 

Winter Rebound 

Winters around the country may have been mild this year, but past and future years are separate matters. Commercial and industrial buildings take a beating from mother nature, degrading both the paint and protective coatings of the exterior. Water and dirt make their way into every crevice of your building’s surface, which becomes a problem over time. A summertime paint job provides protection against the elements and combats the effects of mold buildup, wood rot and unsightly stains—meaning fewer repairs later.

*Pro Tip: Prep your building by pressure washing and scrubbing the exterior surface to help paint adhere cleanly.

What Benefits Will Come from My Exterior Paint Job?

Is painting really necessary right now? There are plenty of benefits, but a few top the list.

Building Protection

Every building experiences wear and tear over time, making it look dingy and tired. Is the surface cracking, peeling or fading? Both the paint itself and exterior coating may be wearing away. A fresh exterior paint job and new layer of corrosion-resistant coating will provide protection now and into the future.

*Pro Tip: Remove any cracked or peeling paint from the exterior first and sand it away so the new paint adheres.

Curb Appeal 

Locals drive by countless buildings every day, either on their way to a specific destination or on their way to do some shopping. Want your building to stand out and be appealing to customers? Don’t blend into the scenery. A fresh exterior paint job for your facility will get the job done and put your building in tip-top shape. 

*Pro Tip: Tackle your facility’s exterior paint job before taking on outdoor projects like landscaping. That way, new plants and grass trimmings don’t get in the way of a quality paint finish.

Give Your Building a Face Lift this Summer

Looking to repair exterior damage? Just want your facility to stand out? Trust McLean to do your facility’s exterior paint job this summer! Get in touch to discuss your project needs and get a quote today.